Berries Are A Great Source Of Antioxidants

The road to good health is closer than you may think no matter where you may be in your health right now. Your health can be influenced and changed at anytime and it’s just easy as putting the right foods in your body. One of the most overlooked little qualities that make a big difference in our journey to healthier living and feeling better are antioxidants. First, let’s get all the technical stuff out of the way.

What are antioxidants and how do they benefit me?

Antioxidants are natural to your body. They are a microscopic matter that prevents oxidation in the body which means antioxidants can prevent the effects of aging and keep you healthy.


Oxidation is to combine or become combined chemically with oxygen. Antioxidants stop this from happening, which is good! Oxidation in our body happens also naturally due to our modern way of life. Poor eating habits, drinking, smoking, pollution; these are big in the causes for oxidation. When oxidation happens to the molecules, the molecules split and become free radicals.

Those are bad, right?

They sure are! Not all things free are necessarily good! Free radicals are nothing more than molecules that are missing an electron due to being oxidized. These guys go in search of other molecules and break them down. Think of it as a molecule killing another molecule because it wants what the other has. Almost as if it is jealous. When this happens, you have less healthy molecules in your body and that will lead to faster aging.

And antioxidants stop this?

Indeed! Antioxidants work by pairing themselves with free radical molecules. This prevents them from damaging more of the molecules you need. Think of it as free radicals are mad and after other molecules, but antioxidants step in and give these radicals a hug. Now everything is K.

Ok, let’s move on…

Any parent wants their family safe and healthy, that’s just common sense. The good news is that there are a few recipes you can make easily at home for your loved ones that will have them feeling better, healthier and get you a few compliments can be well within your family’s budget.

A family favorite treat is a berry tart. This can be likened to a pie and treated as a dessert after meal time, but it’s so healthy that it can be eaten anytime.

Berries, specifically blueberries, are one of the most richest foods in antioxidants and as we learned, antioxidants are closely linked to good health. Blueberries are exploding with vitamin K which aids the body in blood clotting and preventing excessive bleeding.

A great way to stay healthy and be sure your family is too is to look at a few recipes using berries. You can even get into different drink recipes. When it comes keeping your family’s health, the best nutrition you can give your children as a mother comes from Mother Nature.


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