Failure Produces Success: True Story

Success is the fruit of failure. I’ll say it one more time: Success is the fruit of failure. What does that mean? Before I get into the explanation of this well known fact, I’d like to tell a story which will serve as my deliverance into those words.

When my oldest brother was in high school, his graduating class didn’t have the slightest idea of what they wanted to do after graduation. I kid you not, absolutely everyone was clueless except him; he knew exactly what he was going to do. Back then, jobs were scarce. Jobs today are still hard to come by and I believe they are more difficult to snag in today’s present times than they were back then because everything is made so difficult. More on that rant later. My brother’s response to this setback was military because he believed there was no other way.

Fast forward a bit to save time—after studying for the ASVAB test to be accepted into the military, he takes the test three times and fails all three times. What is he going to do now? His believed-to-be one shot at a decent life in this world is done and gone. A few years pass and my brother gets his driver’s license at 21 along with his first job ( I told you it was tough) working at Little Caesars. He worked that job for 4 years before getting a job at a gas station. He ends up crashing our grandpa’s car (because he never had his own) then getting fired shortly after buying a new car. Now what is he going to do? There was unemployment option and he didn’t own a credit card for emergency.

At this point, it’s clear he’s in trouble. He has bills piling up and feels like he’s drowning along with his credit rating in letters and phone calls from debt collectors. After being unemployed and searching for jobs, he get’s hired at a local supermarket and has high hopes this will change his life. To add to his discouragement, this job only worked him 5-15 hours of the ENTIRE WEEK. That’s no way to make bill payments and safe for a future.

One day, our mother calls him up and says she knows a guy who just may have a job for him. Desperately, he calls the number she gave him to call and spoke with this professional gentleman. Today, my brother has a great job and is slowly climbing back to where he was financially while looking to make a career of his current job as he improves and masters his craft with his new employment.

I’m sorry to bore you with a drawn out story, but the moral of this story is failure will, at some point and time, breed success. Success is a journey, not a destination and that is exactly what my brother knew while going through his trials and tribulation. This doesn’t mean, by any means, the obstacles are finished coming and the trials cease. Anything—good or bad, can happen and it’s important to take both with an open mind.

Something my husband taught me follow the same words my brother lives by as I talk about in this guest post article for Uncustomary of how to worry less. There’s no need to worry about what you can’t do anything about or in my brother’s case, if you can do something about it then do it and don’t worry.


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