Dana Sibilsky Artist Are Going Broke

In today’s time it is even more difficult to be an artist that it was maybe 50 years ago. Technology has drastically helped us as artist, but it has also hindered us as well. Think about the music business and those who are music artist. A lot of the revenue generated from the music was through record sells and CDs. Today, people can find any song in the world on YouTube.com and find a website to download the MP3.

If you do digital art, the best way to market yourself is through internet, but if it is on a website, anyone who knows how can simply screenshot and take your work without payment. These are troubling times for artist in every field. In my group formed for artist, the members have before asked me, “Dana Sibilsky, what are we going to do? How do we drive sales for ourselves as entrepreneurs?” Indeed, this is an issue for me as well and this question is one I wish I could answer. Artists are going broke.


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