Spotlight On Brandon Colker

I was just sitting at the kitchen table last night when a thought came to me. I get so caught up with talking about art, especially my art, I don’t take the time to put the spotlight on the people who have got me to where I am. After all, neither of us are where we are in our lives by our own doing, but because of the people in our lives. One particular person who comes to mind who has been a big blessing in my life as well as a great friend would be Brandon Colker.

Brandon is a bit of a genius if I dare to say so myself. He has recently released a major book to the cyber shelves of Amazon entitled, “Brandon Colker’s How To Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs,” and already it has seen some incredible net traffic and volume. The book has made bloggers out of those who never thought they had what it took to become a blogger or never cared to BE a blogger, but for those who were already bloggers prior to reading this masterpiece of a book, I suppose you could say their “blogging game” has shot through the roof.

Brandon Colker has always had a way with people and a desire to see others succeed so I guess it’s not such a big surprise to me that he would release such a book aimed at turning what millions of people do every day into income.

We had a bit of a discussion about the book just because I had a few questions about it. I wanted to know, what if someone didn’t have a big blog to make big bucks from? For all of you who blog as well as myself, we know that creating a big blog with a huge following takes time, time, more time, patience, practice and more time. Basically, to get a get a big blog you’ll need to be writing every day as a full time job and some of us just don’t have that kind of time. Brandon’s response to my question was perfect. “If you don’t have a big blog or no blog at all, don’t sweat it! The book will walk you through the process and give descriptive steps of what it takes to get a big blog. The book is like a guide. We are building a big blog together. I wrote this with the newest person in mind.”


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