Dana Sibilsky—What Do You Do With Children As A SAHM With Appointments?

When you’re a stay at home mom, it’s not too easy to make appointments for yourself. In fact, SAHMs often find it very challenging to plan in “me time” or even essential appointments such as the dentist or doctor.

Normally, if I know an appointment will take no more than 35 minutes I will bring my oldest son with me. He’s effective at keeping himself amused and I will bring along things like a portable game system such as a Gameboy, Nintendo DS or whatever they are called and accompany him with some healthy snacks while he’s waiting for me.

If an appointment may take longer, such as the hair appointment I had today or even the ideamensch.com interview I attended a few months ago, I’ll try to plan to schedule it when I know my husband will be around. It’s not too often I bring my children with me, but sometimes I am presented no choice. When I was invited to an interview by inspirery.com, my husband was unable to take care of the children. Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and do it anyway, so I brought the kids with me and thankfully they weren’t too much of a problem.

People who I have told about the interviews I have been called in to do with various websites were very excited for me and ask me what kinds of questions did each of the website hosts ask me. I will say that ideamensch.com asked questions that were more personal about who I am and what I’ve done. You can get a clear grasp that they had curiosity about who I am and what I’m all about.


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