Dana Sibilsky Artist Are Going Broke

In today’s time it is even more difficult to be an artist that it was maybe 50 years ago. Technology has drastically helped us as artist, but it has also hindered us as well. Think about the music business and those who are music artist. A lot of the revenue generated from the music was through record sells and CDs. Today, people can find any song in the world on YouTube.com and find a website to download the MP3.

If you do digital art, the best way to market yourself is through internet, but if it is on a website, anyone who knows how can simply screenshot and take your work without payment. These are troubling times for artist in every field. In my group formed for artist, the members have before asked me, “Dana Sibilsky, what are we going to do? How do we drive sales for ourselves as entrepreneurs?” Indeed, this is an issue for me as well and this question is one I wish I could answer. Artists are going broke.


Home-Schooling My Children

When I was out last night, I ran into a group of friend I have not seen in ages and surprisingly they are still keeping up with each other and the latest gossip. I thought they wouldn’t recognize me, but to my surprise, they did and welcomed me with open arms. Of course, questions and updates about life and family were asked for, but the biggest shock wasn’t that I had gotten married more a decade ago or had children, no. The biggest shock was that I home-school my children rather than sending them to public school.

Going to class in a public school environment is not by any means the only approach to turn into a a professional. It has been demonstrated that home-taught people are pretty much as fruitful, if not more than the individuals who get a state funded instruction. I comprehend the relationship between the two as a distinction in my instructive foundation and that of my little sister. I appreciate being an understudy and learning!

Growing up, I was regularly pitiful when I became “under the weather” because I would miss school, not my friends or a critical test, but rather the reality I missed the chance to gain some new useful knowledge. As an understudy in the Michigan government funded educational system or better known as public school, I got an above normal instruction contrasted with the classroom standard. I was a genuine learner. I needed to pick up learning and comprehension of everything by study, direction, and experience. I am not by any means the only individual from my family that shares this thought process.

It appears that my parents brought me up into this world to long for learning, despite the fact that my dad had just a secondary school degree and my mom had only a GED. In spite of my sublime involvement in state funded educational systems and the increment in instructive government financing, kids may be taught the same, if not better through the folks in a home environment educational program through customized projects for the child.

Dana Sibilsky—Financial Struggles of a SAHM

A couple of years prior, I was continually seeing those stupid advertisements, and each time I saw one I’d murmur thoughtfully, wishing there truly was a true blue way that I could win some cash without abandoning my longing to be at home with my children.

I remember it like it was yesterday—the tallying out change from the change jug to purchase bananas before the following paycheck and the welcome of a dinner imparted to companions and realizing that it would offer help to your contracted basic supply finance… the tears of dissatisfaction at not having the capacity to extend the dollars very to the extent you’d like, and making troublesome choices on what to do without. It wasn’t easy back then, but it could be worse for those starting out in these times.

There are numerous online colleges that offer remote positions that can be worked from a home office. Without a doubt, these sorts of positions regularly oblige some kind of accreditations, however they can be beneficial to a great degree. I have worked for a local university before as an extra employee for about 2 years in the past. I began low maintenance, and moved to full time soon after I hit my one year commemoration. I have 3 children and this position meets expectations superbly for me while satisfying my need to stay included in keeping up my training. I couldn’t envision a more impeccable occupation for me right now.

Dana Sibilsky—Why You Should Excuse and Forgive

After you are wronged and the starting influx of feeling has passed, you’re given another test: Do you overlook the individual? By pardoning, you let go of your grievances and judgments and permit yourself to recuperate. While this may sound great in principle, by and by absolution can at times feel unimaginable.

To figure out how to excuse, you should first realize what pardoning is definitely not. A large portion of us hold in any event a few misguided judgments about pardoning.

By pardoning, you are tolerating the truth of what happened and figuring out how to live in a condition of determination with it. This can be a steady process—and it doesn’t fundamentally need to incorporate the individual you are excusing. Pardoning isn’t something you accomplish for the individual who wronged you; it’s something you accomplish for you.

So if pardoning is something you accomplish for yourself and in the event that it can help you recuperate, why is it so hard?

There are a few reasons: You’re loaded with considerations of reprisal or requital; you appreciate feeling predominant; you don’t know how to determine the circumstance; you’re dependent on the adrenaline that outrage gives; you self-recognize as a “casualty”; or you’re worried about the possibility that that by forgetting you need to re-interface—or lose your association—with the other individual. These reasons not to pardon can be determined by turning out to be more acquainted with yourself, with your musings and emotions, and with your limits.

You will in any case recall what happened, however you will never again be bound by it. Having worked through the sentiments and realized what you have to do to reinforce your limits or get your needs met, you are better ready to deal with yourself later on. Forgetting the other individual is an eminent approach to respect yourself. It certifies that you should be cheerful. Forgive because YOU deserve it.

Patience Is A Virtue

There’s a saying that goes, “Patience is a virtue,” but I’m curious of how many people know what it means. If I look up the word “virtue” in two different dictionaries, of course I’m going to get two different definitions. One definition of the word “virtue” says, “the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.” The other definition is, “Behavior showing high moral standards.” If I put that together with the old saying, patience is a virtue is to wait and behave without getting upset.

We can’t deny that we have lost the meaning to this saying and become more impatient as a society. Today, everything is done fast. We had to wait for the mail when I was growing up whereas today it’s mostly instant E-mail and text messages.  My mother and grandmother would prepare dinner for me as a child and it would take time. I remember waiting 30 minutes just to be able to eat and if you wait that long at a restaurant, people begin to get angry and will either leave or not tip. Today, preparing food is what we do on big holidays for the entire family and we live out of the freezer by eating frozen dinners that are already prepared for us.

The microwave saves us so much time having to wait for a stove or an oven to cook it, however even microwaves seem to be taking too long for us. On my lunch break at work, I recall seeing a co-worker standing by the microwave, staring into it and saying, “Come on….Come on, come on, come on…” to it. Fast-food restaurants  have ruined us with their offer of hot meals made ready to be eaten while on the go. If you eat out often, you’ve already been teaching yourself some terribly bad habits of what to expect from life. We have been training ourselves in the ways of instant gratification and that shows the lack of discipline we have acquired.

The Battle For Focus

Have you ever gotten out of bed and just had a feeling about the day? It’s a feeling that can’t be described, but in the back of your head somewhere you just know that today wasn’t going to be your day. You get yourself prepared to start working and realize that you just can’t seem to focus on anything. Noise fills your head and every thought of things you should be doing, things you could be doing, but mostly it’s the noise of things you actually want to do. Before you know it, you find yourself drifting off into daydreams, browsing pointless things on the web and being completely unproductive.

It’s an internal battle for focus that I am in daily. The battle never really stops, but it does subside for sometime. There are so many things I could do, that might be worth it. The distraction of a funny video on Facebook or getting lost in the beauty and gifs of tumblr are just a couple of enemies of focus that hold me in their clutches. How do I compete against that?

First, get serious.

Oftentimes, the very first time you lose the battle of focus sets the pattern for the entire day. If you lose one battle, then another, it could be an indication that today is not going to be in favor for your productivity. You have given the distractions too much power already. Blocking and resisting temptation is like a muscle and the more your practice it and work at it, the stronger it will become and the easier this first battle for focus and productivity will be to win. The very first temptation you have, you must resist!

Get past the starting point.

Getting started is the hardest part of the day because, for me at least, I begin thinking about all I have to do and how long it will take. Then I begin thinking of what I could do instead which then turns into what I wish I could be doing. With all this thinking, the clock has now flown by 30 minutes and I have done absolutely nothing.

The trick is to stop thinking, start doing. Once you get past the starting point, you begin to build up momentum and you actually want to keep going. Thinking about a thing has never gotten anything accomplished. Shake the distractions out of your head once you start thinking and say,”No! Get to work!” You’ll be surprised how well this can work.

Get other people involved.

If possible, I try creating tasks or goals that involve someone else. One thing I can’t stand to do more than procrastinate is to let someone down. For example, cooking dinner. I think about how much work goes into it. I have to take out the pots, pans and other dishes. I have to get out the ingredients going into the meal, cooking for 20 minutes or more, then there’s the mess to deal with. When thinking about those things, the idea of cooking doesn’t seem so great.

To power against that, one trick I do is to think of something that is stronger than the thought of not cooking, such as my family. I begin thinking that my husband has been working all day to buy food for me to just simply not cook; he’s gotta be hungry. I begin thinking about my children and how they could be at a public school if I didn’t home school them. I say to myself, “Dana Sibilsky, you know good and well they could be eating whatever mystery meat and slop they cook that the school system says is ‘fit to eat'”. If I don’t cook, what will they eat? Cereal? Frozen dinners? Absolutely not! I start cooking because then I am driven by motivation.

For you, perhaps the secret is to find something that empowers you. What drives you? What sets your heart on fire (besides pizza)? Find something that will empower you though the distractions and use that weapon to win the battle for focus each and everyday.

The Psychology Behind The Smile

Have you ever heard that smiling changes your mood? At first, I didn’t think much about it. I have been sad and tried smiling, but alas, I was still sad. There are a few sayings and quotes that support this claim that smiling can have an affect on your mood and it all starts with the brain.  It has been a saying that has been around for many a generation that goes, “Smile for a while to make bad feelings docile.” or even in the words of Thich Hanh who said, “Sometimes joy is the reason why you smile, but sometimes your smile can be the reason for your joy.”

What is there to smile about?

Other than to be grateful that you woke up today and when you got out of bed your legs still worked, there is plenty of reasons to smile. First and foremost, the smile is a universal language that known to everyone that if you smile at them, you’re friendly, warm and welcoming. This is the reason why I don’t believe in pretending to like someone by smiling. My mother would always tell me, “Dana Sibilsky, you’re lying to their face with your face by making that person believe you are warm and welcoming to that person.” Let’s be honest here.

When you smile, you appear more attractive unless you are a man. Apparently, women find men who don’t smile as much more masculine and attractive. Being a woman myself, I dub this as false. Smiling has been recorded in multiple researches to lift up your mood and even the mood of those who see you smile because, as mentioned before, smiling makes you seem friendly. Who doesn’t feel happier when surrounded by friendly people?

Smiling is catchy

Probably something that is more contagious than the flu or a common cold, smiling ranks up higher on the list. If you smile at someone it’s a normal reaction for people to smile back and if they don’t then it’s simply because they have made an effort not to return a smile. The reasons why it’s catchy are in the mind.

Happy smiling brains

It’s all in your head. No, literally it’s all in your head. Studies found that the stress fighting neuropeptides are activated when you smile. These little guys are what help the body understand that we are happy, sad, stressed, angry, etc.. Other chemicals are brought into play just by spreading a smile across your face such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which help you feel good—especially the endorphins, which are most powerful pain reliever known to man and they are natural! That doesn’t mean you’ll get a rush of endorphins to end your pain just by smiling.

In conclusion, there is plenty to smile about and with this information, there are many more reasons to smile and smile big. Even if you have to “fake it until you make it,” a smile will bring you up to where you should always be.

Berries Are A Great Source Of Antioxidants

The road to good health is closer than you may think no matter where you may be in your health right now. Your health can be influenced and changed at anytime and it’s just easy as putting the right foods in your body. One of the most overlooked little qualities that make a big difference in our journey to healthier living and feeling better are antioxidants. First, let’s get all the technical stuff out of the way.

What are antioxidants and how do they benefit me?

Antioxidants are natural to your body. They are a microscopic matter that prevents oxidation in the body which means antioxidants can prevent the effects of aging and keep you healthy.


Oxidation is to combine or become combined chemically with oxygen. Antioxidants stop this from happening, which is good! Oxidation in our body happens also naturally due to our modern way of life. Poor eating habits, drinking, smoking, pollution; these are big in the causes for oxidation. When oxidation happens to the molecules, the molecules split and become free radicals.

Those are bad, right?

They sure are! Not all things free are necessarily good! Free radicals are nothing more than molecules that are missing an electron due to being oxidized. These guys go in search of other molecules and break them down. Think of it as a molecule killing another molecule because it wants what the other has. Almost as if it is jealous. When this happens, you have less healthy molecules in your body and that will lead to faster aging.

And antioxidants stop this?

Indeed! Antioxidants work by pairing themselves with free radical molecules. This prevents them from damaging more of the molecules you need. Think of it as free radicals are mad and after other molecules, but antioxidants step in and give these radicals a hug. Now everything is K.

Ok, let’s move on…

Any parent wants their family safe and healthy, that’s just common sense. The good news is that there are a few recipes you can make easily at home for your loved ones that will have them feeling better, healthier and get you a few compliments can be well within your family’s budget.

A family favorite treat is a berry tart. This can be likened to a pie and treated as a dessert after meal time, but it’s so healthy that it can be eaten anytime.

Berries, specifically blueberries, are one of the most richest foods in antioxidants and as we learned, antioxidants are closely linked to good health. Blueberries are exploding with vitamin K which aids the body in blood clotting and preventing excessive bleeding.

A great way to stay healthy and be sure your family is too is to look at a few recipes using berries. You can even get into different drink recipes. When it comes keeping your family’s health, the best nutrition you can give your children as a mother comes from Mother Nature.

A Few Responsibilities As Stay-At-Home-Mom

As a recent post talks about with the benefits of being a stay-at-home-mom, there are plenty of preparations to needed to get to enjoying that lifestyle. One of the ways you can prepare yourself, if you are thinking about becoming a stay-at-home parent, is to understand your responsibilities. The obvious is being a housekeeper as it is mostly your job to keep the house looking spic and span. This doesn’t mean that you are the only one who is going to be cleaning, as keeping a home organized and maintained requires a teamwork approach by you and your partner. It does mean that while you’re the one home most of the time, you will be doing most of the chores. As far as home maintenance goes, you can expect to do the majority of the vacuuming, mopping, laundry, dusting, dishes.

As far as keeping everyone healthy, that is a whole different job altogether. Every parent knows that if children can get into something, they will. This, as normal, raises concerns for parents because it is impossible to keep up with each and every single movement and action. It is important you know how to keep your little ones healthy when you are least likely to have you eye on them, such as at the playground. It is also important to know a thing or two about picking the best medical professional.

Parenting is hard work and it’s going to take some practice because no one knows what to do when just getting started. On top of all that, every child is different and special in their own way. Although the work may be difficult, it gets easier over time and it is most definitely worth it.



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